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Community Support Program (CSP)

​​​Australian community organisations, families and individuals can use CSP to help people in humanitarian need settle in Australia. Those who do, become an 'Australian supporter'.

Any level of support is welcome and can include financial or other practical help.

To get involved, you can:

You can provide support on your own, or cooperate with other supporters.


We have appointed Approved Proposing Organisations (APOs) under the CSP.

If you would like to support someone in need, you need to approach an APO.

They can help you if you:

  • already know someone you want to support
  • want to be matched with someone in need

APOs will:

Your obligations

You, or other Australian supporters, will need to:

  • fund the CSP applicant's visa process and settlement in Australia, either entirely or together with other individuals, communities or businesses
  • provide an Assurance of Support (AoS)

Fund the CSP applicant's visa process and settlement in Australia

You can support someone in need by yourself or team up with other individuals, communities or businesses to provide funding and support needed for each applicant. Costs under CSP include:

  • visa application charges (see visa page for details)
  • airfares
  • medical screening
  • accommodation
  • settlement services

An APO may also charge for its services.

We recommend that you contact more than one APO as costs may vary between APOs because of the range of services they offer.

Assurance of Support (AoS)

You must be prepared to support the CSP entrant if they cannot work.

This means that you, or another Australian supporter of the person in need, will need to enter into an Assurance of Support (AoS) legal agreement.

Under an AoS, an assurer agrees to repay the Australian Government for any working age social security payments that the government makes to the CSP entrant during their first year in Australia.

​​Services Australia has more information on the AoS.