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Community Support Program (CSP)


To be eligible for the Community Support Program (CSP) you must:

  • be outside your home country and outside Australia
  • be subject to substantial discrimination in your home country
  • satisfy all Class XB (subclass 202) criteria of the Global Special Humanitarian visa
  • be aged between 18 and 50
  • have adequate English and demonstrate this at a visa interview
  • have a job offer (or a pathway that leads to employment) and/or personal attributes that would enable you to become financially self-sufficient within 12 months of arrival in Australia​

You must also have people in Australia who are willing to financially support your visa application and settlement. Support may come from communities, businesses, friends and/or family.


If you wish to apply for the CSP, you must work with an Approved Proposing Organisation (APO).

An APO will:

  • screen you against the eligibility requirements
  • link you with secure employment
  • help lodge your visa application
  • support you throughout the application process
  • ensure you receive settlement services once you arrive in Australia

If you have Australian supporters who would like to support you, they should contact an APO.

If you do not know any people in Australia who are able to support you, but believe you meet all other CSP eligibility requirements, you can contact an APO directly.

APOs may be able to match you with members of the Australian community who are interested in supporting people in humanitarian need.​​

Your work rights

As a CSP entrant you have the same rights and protections in the workplace as all other workers in Australia. The Fair Work Ombudsman explains these rights and protections.

Your APO will also inform you of your rights and protections as part of your settlement process.