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Domestic and family violence and your visa

We can support victims of domestic and family violence by assisting them to regularise their visa status.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Domestic and Family Violence Visa Support

Call 000 in an emergency. If you or someone you know is in danger call the Police on 000. Police in Australia are safe and can be trusted. We cannot help you in an emergency.

Our Domestic and Family Violence Support Section is a specialised team within the Department of Home Affairs. We support temporary visa holders experiencing domestic and family violence in Australia.

We can provide information and assistance on immigration matters. We also work with clients and service providers to resolve visa issues.

Part of our work is to inform future policy responses. This relates to temporary visa holders experiencing domestic and family violence. We welcome discussions with service providers about this.

You can give us as much information as you feel comfortable to share. We will use the details you give us to safely contact you. To contact us, use the Temporary Visa Holder Domestic and Family Violence Contact Form.

Privacy is important to us. We will always make sure that we have the client’s approval before disclosing any information about them to a third party. Service providers will need you to give us a signed Consent to disclose information form.

Completion of this form authorises us to communicate with the person listed to help provide support to the client.

Completing this form does not replace the current authorised recipient forms. Migration agents and legal practitioners should continue to use the appropriate form to represent their client: 

Family violence provisions – Partner visa applicants

Partner visa applicants may be eligible for us to grant their temporary and/or permanent visa if:

  • their relationship with their sponsor has ended and
  • there has been domestic and family violence.

There is detailed information on the family violence provisions.

We encourage clients to seek independent immigration assistance. If you need help to apply for the family violence provisions, you can contact a legal or migration service.

If you are not eligible for the family violence provisions, we would also recommend that you discuss other options that may be available to you by seeking legal or migration advice. For information about these services see Where to get help.​


We encourage Partner visa applicants to use the ‘notification of relationship cessation form’ to notify us of a relationship cessation and family violence. You can also use this form to tell us if you want to claim the child of relationship or death of sponsor exception. You can find this form in ImmiAccount.

When you use this form, the Partner visa application and sponsorship application will be automatically removed from all ImmiAccounts (if you have selected the family violence option). This is to protect the applicant’s safety and privacy. We will contact you to restore access. Migration agents and legal practitioners may use this form to assist an applicant to notify the Department of relationship cessation. They can choose to opt-out of the removal of the Partner visa application from ImmiAccount. However, the sponsorship application will be automatically removed.

Using the form will also bring the application to our direct attention for priority processing.

ImmiAccount is safe to use. We encourage applicants and service providers to use it to submit all documents and information.

If you do not have access to the application in ImmiAccount you can let us know by completing the Partner Processing Enquiry Form.