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When you have your ImmiCard

Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or expired ImmiCard

​We issue ImmiCards with a 5 year expiry date. They are not automatically renewed on expiry because the expiry date is not linked to the card holder's visa.

You can use an expired ImmiCard to verify your visa status through VEVO . However,  some organisations may not accept expired ImmiCards as evidence of commencement of identity. 

If your ImmiCard:

  • has expired and you would prefer to have a new one, or 
  • has been lost, stolen or damaged , you can apply for a replacement.

There will be a fee for this ImmiCard.

Note: if you have an ImmiCard and we grant you a new visa, you do not need to apply for a new card unless your current card has expired or your current card has been lost, stolen or damaged. 

Check visa status

As a visa holder you can use your ImmiCard to check your visa status and conditions on VEVO.

Registered Australian organisations can check the visa status and conditions of individuals on VEVO.

Immigration detainees living in the community do not hold a visa so they do not have a VEVO record.

Update details on your ImmiCard, DFTTA or PL056

If your personal details are not correct on your ImmiCard, you can ask us to change your details.

If you get married or choose to legally change your name through a Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, you can also ask us to update the details on your ImmiCard.

If you have a Document for Travel to Australia  (DFTTA) or Visa Evidence Card (PLO56) but not an ImmiCard and we agree to change your personal details, we will issue you with an ImmiCard with your new details on it. We no longer issue DFTTAs or Visa Evidence Cards (PL056).​ 

Leaving Australia

​Before you leave

​​Check you travel documents

You cannot use the Australian Migration Status ImmiCard as a travel document after you arrive in Australia for the first time.

You cannot use your ImmiCard to leave Australia and return.

You must have a valid passport or non-citizen travel document to leave Australia.

Travel documents for non-citizens are issued through the Australian Passport Office. These include the Conventional Travel Document and Certificate of Identity.

A Conventional Travel Document may be issued to non-citizens who are living in Australia and are recognised by Australia as a refugee.

A Certificate of Identity may be issued to someone who is about to leave Australia and is either:

  • stateless, or
  • unable to obtain a travel document from the country of which they claim to be a national.​

You must tell us if you get a new travel document so that we can link it to your visa.