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An ImmiCard is issued to certain visa holders who don’t have and can’t obtain a passport recognised by the Australian Government.

An ImmiCard assists visa holders to provide evidence of their Commencement of Identity (COI) in Australia.  

Agencies such as Medicare and Centrelink must verify a visa holder's COI before enrolling them in government services. 

Any Myanmarese visa applicant requiring an identity document to access Government services while residing in Australia, in lieu of a valid passport, may be eligible for an ImmiCard.


ImmiCards and the VEVO system 

As well as helping visa holders show evidence of their COI in Australia, visa holders can use their ImmiCard to check their visa status and entitlements in VEVO. 

Find out more about VEVO

Lost, stolen, damaged or expired ImmiCards

​ImmiCards are issued with a 5 year expiry date. They are not automatically renewed on expiry.

Find out more if you require a replacement ImmiCard.