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Citizenship interview and test

The Australian citizenship test resource Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond is available for download to assist you to prepare for your citizenship test.

Download Australian Citizenship - Our Common Bond

Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond is available for download in English and in 37 community languages. You should be aware that your Australian citizenship test will be conducted in English only.

Testable section

All the questions in the citizenship test are based on the information contained in the testable section. This is the information you will be tested on.

Part 1—Australia and its people
Part 2—Australia's democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
Part 3—Government and the law in Australia
20 practice questions.

Download the testable section in other languages:

Non-testable section

The non-testable section contains information that will help you to understand the history and culture of Australia. You will not be tested on this information.

Part 4—Australia today
Part 5—Our Australian story
Glossary and Acknowledgements.

Download the non-testable section: