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Working in Australia

Identify and attract highly talented people from around the globe, to Australia.

Global Talent - Independent program

About the program

Designed to attract skilled migrants at the top of their profession to Australia. The program will bring the best talent from around the world.

This will create opportunities for Australians by transferring skills and creating job opportunities.

We will promote this program in Australia and overseas.

How will the program work

We will work with Australian sectors, businesses, and governments to attract global talent from around the world.

Global Talent Officers will work in key locations overseas and:

  • work with local industries to identify talented people
  • attend key industry events and expos, and promote life in Australia

Highly skilled professionals can apply for global talent places in the Migration Program using existing permanent visas.

Individuals we identify may apply for:

Further information

More information on the program will be available on this page soon.