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Visas for innovation

Australia needs to attract the brightest and the best, to help grow a stronger economy.

​​Global competition for talent is intensifying. Australia is working to attract the best and brightest, to help grow a stronger economy.

The Australian Government has established the Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce to attract high-value businesses and exceptionally talented individuals to Australia, along with their ideas, networks and capital. 

Australia has dedicated talent attraction programs designed to turbocharge the Australian economy.​

Global Talent Visa program

Designed to attract highly talented individuals, with entrepreneurial ideas and cutting-edge skills within target industry sectors, who can contribute to Australia’s economy by driving innovation and supporting the creation of local jobs.

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Global Talent Employer Sponsored program

Designed to attract highly skilled migrants with cutting edge skills into niche occupations to help innovate established businesses and contribute to Australia’s developing startup ecosystem.

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The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce

Designed to facilitate the relocation of top-tier businesses that can make a significant contribution to the Australian economy, and exceptional talent who can commercialise their ideas at scale.

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