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Safe Haven Enterprise visa pathway

​​The Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) pathway gives some SHEV holders working and/or studying in regional areas the option to apply for certain visas (including some permanent visas) in Australia.

To be eligible for this pathway you must work without receiving Special Benefit social security payments, and/or study full-time in a SHEV regional area for a total of 42 months (3 and a half years). The 42 months do not have to be continuous and can be over multiple periods while holding a SHEV.

Check SHEV pathway requirements

Visa options

List of Australian visas you can apply for if you think you meet the SHEV pathway requirements

See List of visas under the SHEV pathway

SHEV regional areas

Areas considered part of regional Australia for SHEV arrangements

See ​SHEV regional areas

SHEV pathway self-assessment tool

See if you think meet the SHEV pathway requirements before applying for one of the visas under the SHEV pathway.

Assess yourself