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Settle in Australia

Help our newest arrivals build their lives in Australia.

​​​Key settlement topics

This page provides relevant information for all new arrivals, including skilled migrants, family migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants on the following topics with an aim of helping them settle in Australia:

The above topics reflect some of the focus areas in the National Settlement Framework which commits the three tiers of government - Commonwealth, state and territory and local government – to work together to support the settlement of migrants and humanitarian entrants in Australia.

The Building a New Life in Australia (BNLA) is a long term project researching how humanitarian migrants settle to life in Australia, administered by the Department of Social Services. It is the first long-term study of humanitarian migrants to Australia and aims to assist the Australian Government and stakeholders better understand factors that facilitate or hinder successful settlement for humanitarian migrants. The report tells a story of the group of humanitarian migrants that BNLA is following, focusing on their outcomes in learning English, education, employment, income and financial stress, health, community support and participation in their fourth year as permanent residents in Australia.

Key publications related to settlement of migrants and refugees in Australia: