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Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

Be taught English for free.




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You can learn English for free online with AMEPOnline.

AMEPOnline is available to AMEP students to support their classroom study and to the general public, both Australian and international. You can access AMEPOnline on your mobile phone or computer. AMEPOnline includes topics about your life and settling in Australia.  AMEPOnline includes learning material across five levels of English.


The Teachers Resources page on AMEPOnline offers resources to support teachers, including the English Ready paper-based teaching and learning series and the Digital Literacies Framework & Guide.

Learn more about AMEP new resources, including AMEPOnline which re-launched in July 2023.

Currently one ‘Australian Citizenship’ module is available on AMEPOnline, three more modules will be released in late 2023. Modules are based on the four parts of the testable section of Australian Citizenship - Our Common Bond (OCB).​ Australian Citizenship modules are intended to support English language learners engage with the OCB content via character storylines, videos, visuals, translation and interactive learning activities.

The Citizenship module includes key words translated into 10 common AMEP learner languages.

Topic Packs​

Topic Packs were designed in 2011 by the Department of Education and Training who managed the AMEP at that time to support AMEP volunteer tutors and are organised by language levels (pre-beginner, beginner, post beginner and intermediate). An overview of the package is at AMEP Volunteer Tutor Resources Topic Packs Overview.