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​eMedical is an electronic health processing system that is used by clinic staff and medical professionals who have been empanelled by Home Affairs to record and submit the results of immigration medical examinations (IMEs) undertaken by clients for an Australian visa application.

Benefits of eMedical

eMedical removes the need to process paper-based health examination reports, and allows panel physicians to record a visa applicant's health information electronically. This includes their health examination results, digital chest x-rays, specialist reports, and biometric photographs.

As health information is submitted electronically, the information is received instantly by the department, avoiding any delay associated with sending hard copy health examination results to Australia.

Who can use eMedical

If you are completing your health examinations electronically using eMedical you must provide the clinic with a health case identifier known as a HAP ID, to book your appointment and complete the examinations.

You can only complete your health examinations before you submit your visa application if you:

  • hold a current passport
  • use My Health Declarations (MHD) to obtain a HAP ID to give the clinic.

To use MHD, see When to have health examinations. MHD is not available for all visa subclasses.

If you do not use MHD you will need to wait until you have submitted your visa application and been provided a HAP ID to complete your health examinations.

Clients should be aware of disruptions to visa medical services, due to COVID-19.

Our visa processing officers are aware of the disruptions. We will take the extended timeframes into account when considering your visa application.​

All clients who have a HAP ID can also use eMedical Client to see if, and when, their health examinations were submitted to the Department.

In countries where eMedical is available, you must submit your examination results electronically, unless exceptions apply.

Where to find your HAP ID

If you lodged a paper visa application your HAP ID is in your Health Examination List (or the equivalent document we provided you). You can manually access this service via the following link to eMedical Client.

If you lodged your visa application online, your HAP ID is in the referral letter you downloaded when you applied. You will be directed to this service automatically.

The clinic can't locate your case in eMedical without your HAP ID. 

Finding an eMedical enabled clinic

To find an eMedical enabled clinic near you, look for the eMedical logo eMedical logo next to the clinic's name on our offices and locations page.