​eMedical, our electronic health processing system, is used to process Australian immigration health examinations.

The eMedical system contains information about clients who are undertaking immigration health examinations for an Australian visa application. This might include a digital photo, a digital x-ray, medical history information and health examination results.

Benefits of eMedical

eMedical removes the need to process paper-based health examination reports, and allows panel physicians to record a visa applicant's health information electronically. This includes their health examination results, digital chest x-rays, specialist reports, and biometric photographs.

As health information is submitted electronically, the information is received instantly by the department, avoiding any delay associated with sending hard copy health examination results to Australia.

Who can use eMedical

All clients who have a HAP ID can also use eMedical Client to see if, and when, their health examinations were submitted to the Department.

If you apply for your visa application online, you will be directed to this service automatically. However, if you have lodged a paper visa application, you should manually access this service via the following link to eMedical Client.

In some countries, you must complete your health examination electronically unless exceptions apply.

Finding an eMedical enabled clinic

As at 1 April 2015, electronic health processing of Australian immigration health examinations is available at eMedical enabled clinics.

To find an eMedical enabled clinic near you, look for the eMedical logo eMedical logo next to the clinic's name on our offices and locations page.

Note: Although electronic health processing is available, it is not mandatory for you to complete your health examinations electronically, using eMedical, in these countries: Chile, Colombia, France, New Zealand, Russia and Sweden.