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Evidence of citizenship and certificates

Replace citizenship evidence after a natural disaster

​​You may need to replace an Australian citizenship certificate that is lost, destroyed or damaged due to a declared natural disaster. This may include bushfires, flooding or a storm.

There is no application fee if:

  • ​​your Australian citizenship certificate is lost, destroyed or damaged due to a natural disaster listed on the Disaster Assist website, and 
  • you apply for a new certificate within 18 months of the date listed for the event.

If you apply more than 18 months after the date listed for the event, you will have to pay the application fee.

To be eligible for this fee exemption, you must provide with your application:

  • a statutory declaration. This must state that the Australian citizenship evidence is lost, destroyed or damaged due to the​ natural disaster
  • the damaged citizenship evidence, if you are claiming an exemption due to damage from a natural disaster.

For information on how to apply for this fee exemption, contact us​.