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Celebrating citizenship

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Celebrating Australian citizenship in schools

Australian citizenship ceremonies recognise and celebrate our shared Australian values and national identity. Exploring citizenship in the classroom provides a unique and personal learning experience for students.

Below are a number of practical classroom resources available to download to assist teachers to engage with students on the topic of Australian citizenship.

Welcome message​

Th​e welcome message template allows students to write or draw a message welcoming new citizens. The students’ work can be given to the local council by the school, to be handed out at the next citizenship ceremony, or hung in the classroom.

Welcome message – Lower primary school
Welcome message – Upper primary and secondary school​
Welcome message – Activity guide

​ ​​​


Students across Australia are writing letters of welcome to new citizens.


Dear new Australian citizen, Welcome! I am so glad you have chosen Australia as your home.

Thank you for sharing your culture, ideas, food and stories. You make our country richer.

Love Ash.



I hope you will love Australia as much as I do. We have lots of friendly people and cool

animals, And Vegemite really isn’t that scary!

Luv, Abby.


Hi new Aussie,

I’m glad you’re here and I’m giving you a big welcome hug through this message.

You are now part of Australia’s long history.

From Koen.


Your letter could be given to a new Australian citizen at a citizenship ceremony. Your message will reach out a hand of friendship and embrace new citizens as part of your community.




Download the welcome message template at citizenship.gov.au/schools


Word Search

​The Australian citizenship affirmation is a way to show you are proud to be an Australian. The Affirmation is similar to the pledge of commitment made at Australian citizenship ceremonies. The Affirmation allows everyone to stand together to show their commitment to Australia.

Students can explore the words and meaning behind the Australian Affirmation by completing the word search activity.

Affirmation Word Search – Lower primary school
Affirmation Word Search – Lower primary school - Answers
Affirmation Word Search – Upper primary school
Affirmation Word Search – Upper primary school – Answers
Affirmation Word Search – Activity guide​


​Create colourful bunting for the ​classroom with citizenship bunting​


These fun chatterboxes feature questions and answers about Australian citizenship. They are an engaging way to learn facts about Australian citizenship.

Order free products

There are a number of citizenship promotional products available to either download or order online for your classroom.

If you wish to order citizenship products, please go to Ordering Citizenship Products.


The Department has prepared a number of engaging and informative videos on Australian citizenship, including active citizenship, exploring the Australian Affirmation, the Australian citizenship pledge, and personal citizenship stories from everyday Australians and high profile Australians, including Terri Irwin.


Active citizenship – Active ​​citizenship is about getting involved in your local community and displaying valu​es such as respect, inclusion and helping others. These videos explore active citizenship through the Aussie of the Month and Local Hero awards and what it means to be an Australian Citizen​.


Australian Affirmation – This video features primary school students exploring what the Australian affirmation is and breaks the Affirmation down line-by-line to discuss the meaning behind the words and concept.


Australian citizenship pledge – This video features ceremony footage of new citizens making the pledge of commitment to Australia which allows for discussion of the meaning behind the words and concept.


Citizenship stories – Videos from everyday and high profile Australians discussing what becoming an Australian citizen means to them.​

Aussie of the Month Recognition Program

Sign up for the Aussie of the Month program, which is a free primary school recognition program. The program recognises primary school students’ personal achievements and contributions, while reflecting on the Australian values we share such as a fair go, mateship, inclusion and respect. To read more and to register your school visit the Aussie of the Month website​.​


Watch the Aussie of the Month video​