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The Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs Paper

​​​Eleventh edition – May 2023​

​​The eleventh edition of the Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs paper (the paper) has been published. The paper provides understanding of the composition and management of Australia’s Immigration Program in a changing international environment. The Department manages the Immigration Program in a way that contributes to building a resilient Australian economy and provides opportunities to migrants and their families. The paper complements existing publicly available information and data regularly updated on the Home Affairs website and at Data website.

The paper evidences the Department’s efficient and effective administration of its Migration and Citizenship Programs. This ensures Australia retains its status as one of the most peaceful, united and culturally diverse countries in the world.

The paper catalogues the Government’s efforts to drive Australia’s economic recovery in the post- COVID-19 pandemic. These efforts include:

  • Remediating skilled labour shortages in areas where the skilling of Australians is not yet keeping pace with industry demands.
  • Government’s commitment to further accelerate visa processing times and reduce on-hand applications to pre-COVID-19 levels to enab​​le more people to enter Austral​ia more quickly.
  • Upholding Australia’s sovereign right to manage its Migration Program in the interests of its economic prosperity, social cohesion and national security imperatives.


Previous edition and addenda: