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The Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs Paper

​​​​​Second addendum to the eleventh edition – February 2024

The second addendum to the eleventh edition of the Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs paper (the Administration Paper) has been published. The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) has produced the Administration Paper to provide understanding of the composition and management of Australia’s Immigration Program in a changing international environment.

The Department manages the Immigration Program in a way that delivers for workers, businesses and all Australians.​ The Administration Paper complements existing publicly available information and data regularly updated on the Home Affairs website and at the Australian Government data website. The Administration Paper evidences the Department’s efficient and effective administration of its Immigration and Citizenship Programs. This ensures Australia retains its status as one of the most peaceful, united and culturally diverse countries in the world.

The second addendum provides an update to the current edition of the Administration Paper and should be read in conjunction with the eleventh edition and first addendum.​​


Previous edition and addenda:​