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About the program

Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program (the Program) helps refugees and people in humanitarian need who are:

  • outside Australia (offshore), and need to resettle to Australia when they do not have any other durable solution available
  • already in Australia (onshore), and who want to seek protection after arriving in Australia.


Australia has a long history of providing resettlement for refugees and others, who are displaced as a result of conflict, persecution and human rights abuses.

Since the end of World War II, Australia has successfully settled more than 930,000 refugees and others in humanitarian need.

We recognise the valuable contribution that refugees provide to Australian society, culture and prosperity. Australia is committed to showing global leadership as one of the world’s most generous contributors to international refugee resettlement efforts.

The Program is a key part of Australia’s comprehensive response to refugee displacement. We also provide humanitarian assistance to other countries that host refugees.

Australia works with international partners to provide resettlement pathways for refugees and others in humanitarian need.

The Program’s intake is drawn from a range of nationalities and ethnic groups. It is flexible and responds to resettlement need reflecting global displacement arising from conflict and persecution.

Australia has allocated 13,750 places to the Refugee and Humanitarian Program for 2022-2023. Further, an additional 16,500 places for Afghan nationals will be delivered over the next four years in addition to annual Humanitarian Program intake (4,125 per year).

We fulfill our international obligations by offering protection to non-citizens who are already in Australia.