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Visa processing times

​​​​​​​​Other Family visas - queue release dates and processing times

The Department continues to process Other Family​ visa applications and is taking disruptions arising from the COVID-19​ pandemic into account when considering visa applications.

Further information on Australian Government COVID-19 travel restrictions and information for visa holders is available on the Department’s website at COVID-19 and the border

Queue release dates

​​As at 30 April 2022​, we have released for final processing:​

  • Remaining Relative visa applications with a queue date of up to 2 August 2011
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa applications with a queue date up to 2 August 2011
  • Carer visa applications with a queue date up to 28 February 2018.
​Queue release dates
Carer*Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative*
Acknowledge New ApplicationApprox 4 weeksApprox 4 weeks
Visa Assessment (Queue release date)Date Queued up to 28 February 2018Date Queued up to 2 August 2011
*as at 30 Apr 2022

We only update this information when the latest final processing dates are available.​

Once we reach the number of visa places available in the current Migration Program year we will consider any applications that have been queued and released for final processing, but not yet finalised, for a place in a subsequent year.

We calculate processing times for Other Family visa applications each year. Processing times might vary for a number of reasons, including:

  • changes in planning levels
  • how many visa applications are submitted
  • how many applications are withdrawn or refused
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal remits
  • Ministerial Intervention cases
  • changes to processing directions

Based on current planning levels and the allocation of the majority of Other Family category places to Carer visa applications, we estimate that Carer visa applications that meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately 4 1/2 years to be released for final processing.

Current estimated processing time for Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative visa applications that meet the criteria to be queued is approximately 50 years.

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