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How to get Overseas Student Health Cover

To get Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC):

Your education provider or agent might arrange OSHC for you.

Arrange your own OSHC

If you arrange OSHC for yourself you must include your policy number in your visa application.

Have OSHC arranged for you

Your education provider doesn't have to arrange OSHC for you, but they can choose to. Contact your education provider for more information.

If your education provider arranges OSHC for you, they must declare this on your confirmation of enrolment (CoE) in PRISMS.

They must make sure you are aware:

  • that you can choose to arrange your own OSHC if you want to
  • the name of the health insurance provider
  • the dates your policy begins and ends. This must be the same as the length of your visa or your expected arrival and departure dates
  • the policy's terms and conditions. The provider should send you a copy of the product disclosure statement or a link to the insurance provider's website

You need this information:

  • for us to grant you a student visa
  • if you need to make a claim before you start your course
  • We will refuse your visa application if you don't give us this information when you apply.

    If you have been granted a visa and want to travel to Australia before your course begins, the OSHC start date must be the same as the date you arrive, not the date your course starts. Depending on your circumstances, you can buy OSHC that starts up to a month before your course begins.

    You must:

    • ensure you don't enter Australia before your OSHC begins, and
    • maintain your OSHC until you leave Australia

    Make sure there is no gap in your coverage if you are studying with more than one education provider and both providers arrange OSHC for you. The second policy must begin as soon as the first expires.

    Insurance for family members

    If you have a single OSHC policy and you have family members, including children born in Australia after your arrival, consider getting a family policy. Every member of your family must have health insurance.

    Any family member who joins you after you arrive in Australia must show us they have OSHC for the duration of their stay in Australia.