Genuine access to funds

You must provide evidence you will have genuine access to funds while you are in Australia to cover yourself, your family members coming with you and possibly other people (for example, a student visa holder).

Here are some examples of how to show us evidence of genuine access to funds.

When someone else is providing funds

Show evidence of the relationship. You should also show any history of financial support given to you or student visa holders in the past.

Give us identity documents for the person providing the funds. If it involves a business, show evidence the business is operating.

When recent large deposits were made

You must explain any recent large deposits. Explain ongoing deposits such as wages.

If you have a loan

An education loan to cover tuition fees or living expenses (for example, accommodation), should be paid out according to the agreement between you, the bank and the education provider.

Give us evidence if a payment, if it happens before the visa application is finalised. This should include evidence of the terms of the loan and the full amount you will get.

If you are relying on another type of loan, show:

  • evidence of the security used to get the loan
  • the terms of the agreement
  • your ability to cover ongoing costs

The best evidence of genuine access for a loan is disbursement.

Providers should be aware of the conditions placed on the education loan. Some loans offer deferred repayment against future earnings of the student. These can also be conditional on the student studying only the specified course with that provider.