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Learn about employing migrants


We give some visa holders permission to work in Australia. You can:
  • employ or sponsor skilled workers who are already in Australia and have a visa that allows them to work
  • employ or sponsor other skilled workers who may be in Australia on another type of visa which does not currently allow them to work
  • sponsor skilled workers to come to Australia to work for you

Existing visa holders who are allowed to work in Australia might have work restrictions on their visas such as:

  • working for a specific employer or in a certain place – these visa holders may already be sponsored and employed by an employer in Australia
  • restricted to working for a specific number of hours per week such as an existing Student visa holder
  • restrictions on how long they may work for a particular employer such as a Working Holiday visa holder

Hiring someone in Australia

See step by step how to hire people in Australia.

Sponsoring workers

You can temporarily or permanently fill a skilled role by sponsoring workers.

Checking work rights

Check if a visa holder has permission to work and any other work restrictions

Check VEVO