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Existing sponsor

​​​Sponsorship obligations

Sponsorship obligations apply to all sponsors. They are in place to ensure that overseas skilled workers are protected from exploitation, and that the visa programs are being used to meet genuine skills shortages, and not to undercut local labour wages and conditions.

There is more information on specific obligations that apply to you as an approved sponsor and when they apply.

Changes to empl​oyers, occupation or situation

We understand there might be changes to employers, jobs or other situations. See what you should do if there’s a change in situation.

​Employers affected by the floods​ ​

You must:

  • Continue to meet the obligations of your sponsorship. See Sponsorship obligations for standard business sponsors.
  • ​To do this tell us within 28 days of changes to your situation including:​​​
    • the person you sponsor stops employment with you, has a change in duties, or did not start working with you
    • your business becomes insolvent or is bankrupt, goes into receivership, liquidation or administration, or ceases to exist as a legal entity.​

Provide details of any changes by completing the ‘Notification of sponsor changes’ form in ImmiAccount. You can access this form through a link in your original sponsorship application.

Labour agreement holders and sponsors who lodged their original application using a paper based form should provide details of changes by email to sponsor.notifications@abf.gov.au

For information about what the Government is doing to help individuals, communities, businesses and local governments to recover from these floods see Disaster Assist.