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Settlement reporting caveats

The data in your reports are sourced from the Settlement Database (SDB). There are limitations in the data capture and the actual data.

Data Capture

  • SDB collects data concerning settlers who have been granted a permanent (or provisional) visa
  • SDB data is compiled from a number of sources including the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs), other Commonwealth agencies and service providers.

Data Limitations

The Settlement Database has not been adjusted to reflect settlers who:

  • are deceased
  • have permanently departed Australia
  • have had their visas cancelled.

The Settlement Database includes:

  • some duplicate settler records
  • many data items that are not mandatory
  • only the settler's latest known residential (or intended residential) address. Address information is only updated if the Department is notified. Some settlers have no address details recorded
  • only the latest permanent (or provisional) visa for a settler.

The Settlement Database location data is based on the 2011 Australian Standard Geographic Classification (ASGC).

Reporting Limitations

  • Reports including numbers of settlers in specified locations may be inaccurate due to limitations in address data
  • Settlers with an existing permanent (or provisional) visa may appear in different reporting categories over time if they are granted a subsequent permanent (or provisional) visa
  • Data suppression rules have been applied for client confidentiality
  • Reports including 'not stated', 'invalid' or 'not recorded' labels indicate that the data is unavailable.

What does a Country of Birth of 'Australia' mean?

If a migrant's Country of Birth is listed as 'Australia' it indicates that the individual was actually born in Australia from parents who had arrived in Australia prior to the birth but were not permanent residents.

Report Usage

Please attribute the Australian Government as the data source.

Further Data

For further information please contact us on settlement.data.request@homeaffairs.gov.au