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National Interpreter Symbol

The Interpreter Symbol is a national public information symbol endorsed by the Australian, state and territory governments. The symbol provides a simple way of indicating where people with limited or no English proficiency can ask for an interpreter when using government and other services.

Look for ​the symbol

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You may see the symbol in places that deliver government and community information and services such as:

  • hospitals
  • police stations
  • state schools
  • community centres
  • housing and employment offices
  • local councils
  • Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) service providers and migrant resource centres.​

​Using the symbol

All government agencies and other service organisations, community and private, are encouraged to use the symbol and promote the use of interpreters to their clients. The more places that use the symbol, the more recognition and understanding there will be of what it means by both service organisations and clients.

The National Interpreter Symbol in JPEG and EPS formats can be downloaded via the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s website.