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Helping Refugees

See how you can help refugees build a new life in Australia.

​​Get involved

Early community support can make a real and meaningful difference to refugees. There have been many wonderful offers of support for people who have resettled in Australia. The needs of people arriving are varied, as are the ways in which you can help.


You can volunteer to help and support refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia to build their new lives and feel at home. For more information, see our volunteer webpage.

Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot

The Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP) is a new settlement program. CRISP allows Australian community members to directly help refugees settle in Australia. Find out more about the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot​.


Donating items or funds help support refugees in Australia and overseas. Visit the Donate page if you would like to make a donation.

Become a Refugee Welcome Zone

A Refugee Welcome Zone is a Local Government Area that has made a commitment in spirit to welcome refugees into the community. Go to the Refugee Welcome Zone web page for more information on what is involved.

Host or be a part of a Welcome Dinner

The Welcome Dinner Project uses the act of sharing food to connect newly arrived refugees with other Australians. To find out how you can be involved go to the Welcome Dinner Project website or read Anita's story.

Participate in a Community Hub

Community Hubs are local centres offering English classes, sewing and breakfast clubs as well as volunteering opportunities and community events. Go to the Community Hub website for more information on how to get involved.

Celebrate cultural diversity

21 March is Harmony Day, celebrating Australia's cultural diversity. Go to the Harmony Day website for ways you can get involved including event ideas, stories and downloadable graphics. The message for Harmony Day is 'everyone belongs' and there are lots of resources to support you to share that message every day of the year.

Form a community-business partnership

Community-business partnerships are great ways for community groups and businesses to get involved in welcoming and supporting refugees. For example, a community group can form a partnership with a business in which the business runs a free program specifically designed for children from refugee backgrounds. Read Aref's story about the Advantage Refugees! tennis program at Grange Lawn Tennis Club (Adelaide). More information on community-business partnerships is available on Our Community website.

Want more info?

  • The settlement journey
    Find out more about some of the steps refugees take from fleeing a country, through to arriving in Australia and the supports in place to help them settle.
  • Refugee stories
    Watch or read personal stories from refugees and community members who support them.
  • Government support
    Information on Government programs and support in place for refugees.
  • Media Hub
    Latest information surrounding the additional 12,000 refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and Iraq.