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ImmiAccount - How to attach documents to a submitted visa application

If you are required to attach further documents to your visa application after submission, follow the steps below.

Login to your ImmiAccount -  For information on how to login to your ImmiAccount, refer to the How to login to ImmiAccount Quick Reference Guide.

My applications summary page displays.

  1. Select View details.


  3. Select Attach documents.


  5. Click on the Attach link for each document to be attached.


  7. Select the Document type from the dropdown list.

  8. Enter a brief description of the document in the Description field.

  9. Click the Browse button.

    The Choose File to Upload window displays.

  10. Locate and select the file to be attached.

  11. Click Open.

    The Choose File to Upload window closes and the File name displays in the Attach documents window.

  12. Click on Add attachments.

    The attachment appears in the Attachments provided section.

  13. The maximum file size for each attachment is 5Mb. The maximum number of files that can be attached ranges from 30 to 60 depending on the application type.

  14. Click Confirm to complete the document attachment.

    The Status field will be updated from Required to received.

    Repeat steps 4 to 10 until the required documents are attached.

  15. Click on Attach more documents if you need to attach additional documents.