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Attach documents


Attach documents allows you to attach supporting documents to your application after it has been submitted (until finalised by the department) and allows you to view a list of documents that have already been attached to the application.

Attaching documents as soon as possible after submitting will assist the department in processing the application. Some applications may be refused if you have not attached documents at time of lodgement.

Before attaching files to an application, note:

  • There is a limit ​​to the number of files that can be attached for each applicant.

  • All documents with​​​ a status of Required must be attached.

  • You should attach a​​​​ny Required documents first, and then any Recommended documents you want to provide.

  • You will not be able to remove a file once it has been a​​ttached, so make sure that you attach the correct file. Attachments cannot be deleted as they form part of your application. Do not contact the department to request the deletion of an attachment.

  • It is important that you attach high quality scanne​​d documents and images to facilitate processing of the application.


How to attach documents

Attach documents shows the information that each applicant needs to provide in support of their application.

  1. There is a list​​ of documents for each applicant. Select the name of the applicant to view the list.

  2. Select the category of document ​you need to attach. The controls you need to add the document are displayed.

  3. Select the best description ​​of the document from the list. You can optionally add an additional description if required.

  4. Select the files yo​​u wish to attach. You can select multiple files.

  5. Select Attach to complete the attachment process.

The document is now attached to the application.

Does the Department have my documents?

The documents are permanently saved for your application when you select 'Attach'. You will not receive further acknowledgement from the Department. Processing staff will assess the new information as soon as possible after you have provided it. High workloads may mean that you may still not hear about your application for some time.

Can I add a document that is not on the list?

If the document you need to add is not on the list, select Other documents and enter a description.

Can I add more documents to a category listed as 'Received'?

The next time you enter the page, documents you have already provided will be listed under the 'Received' heading. You can still attach documents for a category that is under the 'Received' heading.

Confirming you have provided the requested information

If the Department has sent correspondence requesting information, you should attach it as soon as possible. When you have provided all the requested information, select the I confirm I have provided information as requested control. This lets processing staff know that the application is ready to assess. If you do not select this control, the application will be assessed on the information available after the time you were given to provide the additional information has expired.


Document translation requirements

Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English translation. If you are in Australia when applying, use translators accredited by the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). For more information, see NAATI. If you are outside Australia when applying, the English translation must be completed by a qualified translator and must be endorsed by the translator with their full name, address, telephone number, and details of their qualifications and experience in the language being translated. Contact the Australian diplomatic mission in the country that issued the documents for advice on acceptable translators and who can certify your original documents.


Scanning and attaching documents

You will need to correctly scan your documents so you can attach them to your online application:

  • Scan each document sep​​arately and include both sides.

  • If the original document is ​​in colour, scan the document in colour.

  • Ensure you save each document usin​​​g the correct file size and type requirements (see below for more detail).

More information and quick reference guides about attaching documents to an online application is available on our website.

Visa applications (including Sponsorship and Nomination applications)

  • You can attach files u​​p to 5MB in size with the following extensions: bmp, dcm, doc, docx, dot, gif, jpg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx.

  • Compressed files and encrypted ​pdf files cannot be accepted.

  • Where possible, scan the original document. Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English translation. See Document translation requirements section above.

  • If you attach low quality scanned documents, it may delay the processing of your application.

  • For documents containing more than one page, provide the pages in a single pdf document. For further assistance on how to scan multiple pages to the same pdf for your device/printer, review the instructional manual supplied with your individual device/printer. Alternatively, search the instructions using a web search with the following search terms: "How to scan multiple pages into one pdf printer name". For example: "How to scan multiple pages into one pdf Hewlett Packard".

  • There are limits to the number of​​ documents/files you can upload. For more information - see attaching documents to an online application on our website.

For some visa applications types you are required to attach document before you proceed to pay and submit your application. For detailed instructions on how to attach documents to a visa application before submitting the application - see How to attach documents before submitting a visa application.

You can also attach documents to your visa application after you have submitted and paid for your application, until it is finalised. For detailed instructions on how to attach documents to a visa application after submitting the application - see How to attach documents to a submitted visa application.

Citizenship applications

  • The Department prefers i​mages to be loaded in jpg format. Please limit the size of the file to 500Kb.

  • Compressed files and en​​crypted pdf files cannot be accepted.

  • Scan the original of each doc​​ument - do not scan a photocopy or a certified copy.

Identity declaration form 1195

Form 1195 Identity declaration must be completed and attached for all citizenships applicants including children. Ensure that the photograph(s) is attached with both a front and a back view separately showing the authorised person's declaration and signature.

Note: Do not attach your photograph to the 1195 form. The form and photograph must be scanned and attached to your application separately.


Scanning and attaching photographs

When scanning and attaching photographs you must:

  • Scan and attach the front and back of the photograph of each applicant separately.

  • Ensure the photo is upright and in colour.

  • Not place the photo on a p​​iece of paper before scanning.

Photograph front view


Note: Examples of non-acceptable photographs.



Photograph back view, endorsed

Photograph back view must be scanned showing the authorised person's declaration and signature.


More detailed guidelines on attaching documents to a citizenship application are available on our website.


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