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Visa scams

Don't get caught in a visa scam

Electronic Travel authority (ETA) and Visitor visa work scams

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an Australian Visitor visa is not a work visa. You are not allowed to work in Australia on an ETA or Visitor visa. If someone says you can work on an ETA or a Visitor visa, they are lying to you. The Department is aware of individuals and agents who are attempting to organise ETAs/Visitor visas and flights to Australia for people to work illegally.

Don't get caught in a visa scam

ETA and Visitor visa holders do not have any work rights.

Don’t risk it

You can be stopped before boarding your flight or refused entry to Australia by the Australian Border Force if you are coming to Australia to work illegally.

The Australian Border Force is identifying and refusing entry to people every day who are attempting to come to Australia to work illegally.

Ready to report?

If you are aware of, or suspect a scam in relation to Australian visas and working in Australia, please report this to Australia's Border Watch.

Report suspicious immigration activity