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eMedical client

​​ eMedical Client is an online service. Before booking and/or attending your medical appointment, the service allows you to:

  • complete your medical history online (where applicable)
  • provide an email to the Department for correspondence about your health case
  • consent to using the eMedical system.

All clients with a HAP ID can also use eMedical Client to check that their health examinations have been submitted to the Department.

If you apply for your visa application online, you will automatically be directed to use the eMedical Client service. If you have lodged a paper visa application, you can use this service via eMedical Client.

Read more information about arranging a health examination.

Using eMedical Client

On the eMedical Client login screen you will need to enter your family name, HAP ID and date of birth.​

Complete all mandatory fields (fields with a red star symbol) and press 'OK'.

Note: Ensure you enter the same details as you provided on your visa application, or on your My Health Declarations electronic form.

Note: My Health Declarations service has been temporarily suspended. The Health Requirement, including the health examinations for your intended visa, will be determined once your visa application has been lodged. For more information, visit what health examinations you need.

eMedical client login screen. 


Once you have successfully logged into the eMedical Client online service, press the Print Information Sheet button. This will display your eMedical Information Sheet in a new window.



If your health examination results have not yet been submitted to the Department, the Information Sheet will advise that '...the status of an individual examination will not appear as complete until your case has been submitted to the Department of Home Affairs.'

You may need to follow up with the clinic you undertook your health examination to request an update about your results.


If your health examinations have been successfully subm​itted to the Department, the Information Sheet will advise that 'Your eMedical case has been submitted to the Department.'