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Health undertaking

​A health undertaking is an agreement you make with the Australian Government to meet the health requirement. A health undertaking helps us ensure that you follow up any significant health conditions with an onshore health provider if you need to.

Who must sign a health undertaking

We may ask you to sign a health undertaking if you have a significant health condition and:

  • you had your health examinations outside Australia, or
  • you apply for a protection visa

We usually ask you to sign a health undertaking if you are at increased risk of developing active tuberculosis. For example, you might:

  • have previously been treated for tuberculosis, or
  • the chest x-ray you had during your health examinations is abnormal

We may also ask you to sign a health undertaking if you have another significant health condition such as:

  • tuberculosis
  • HIV
  • hepatitis B or C
  • Hansen's disease

If you do not sign a health undertaking when we ask you to, we will not grant you a visa.

How to sign a health undertaking

Your visa processing officer will let you know if we need you to sign a health undertaking.

You will need to complete and sign the health undertaking form.

This form is available in the following languages:

LanguageForm number
Chinese Simplified 815chs
Dari 815dar
Farsi 815far
French 815fre
Hindi 815hin
Indonesian 815ind
Khmer 815khm
Korean 815kor
Kurdish 815kur
Myanmar language (formerly Burmese) 815mya
Pashto 815pas
Spanish 815spa
Swahili 815swa
Tamil 815tam
Thai 815tha
Vietnamese 815vie

What you must do once you have signed

When you sign a health undertaking, you agree that within 28 days of arriving in Australia you will contact our migration medical services provider, Bupa Medical Visa Services (BUPA), or call 1300 794 919 (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm AEST).

By signing a health undertaking you agree to:

  • attend an appointment with a state or territory health clinic in Australia (where required - Bupa will provide you with this information), and
  • complete any further investigation or course of treatment required

Ensure you keep a copy of your completed form. It contains important information to help you complete the health undertaking process.

Protection visa applicants must contact BUPA within 28 days of receiving a Request for Information letter. If we ask you to, you must also attend an appointment with a health clinic in Australia.

Pregnancy health undertakings for protection visa applicants

If you are a protection visa applicant and do not elect to have a chest x-ray while pregnant, you must sign a pregnancy health undertaking that you will have one after birth. You must contact BUPA when you receive your request for Information letter and arrange to have your chest x-ray examination.​