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Global Talent Expression of Interest form


Use the Save As Draft button at the bottom of the webpage to save and return to a partially completed form. The Save As Draft function does not save attachments. Add all attachments just prior to submitting your form.

This form is for candidates with an international record of exceptional and outstanding achievement applying for the Global Talent (subclass 858) visa seeking priority on the basis that they:

  • work in one of the future-focused sectors; and
  • have written communication from an Australian employer offering employment with an annual salary equal to or higher or evidence that they are likely to attract a salary equal to or higher than the Fair Work high income threshold amounts in Australia.
  • For information on Fair Work high income threshold amounts, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Priority processing is available when you submit an expression of interest (EOI) in the Global Talent Program and meet EOI parameters.

An EOI is not an assessment of your eligibility for a Global Talent (subclass 858) visa and does not guarantee a successful visa grant. Before you submit an EOI, check the eligibility criteria for the Global Talent (subclass 858) visa.

You do not need a referral from Global Skills Attraction officer (GSA) (previously known as Global Talent Officer) to lodge an EOI. Departmental officers no longer provides individual support to candidates.

When submitting an EOI:

  • Do not submit a second EOI if you have a pending EOI
  • Provide changes of circumstance and further documentation via email ​for a pending EOI
  • Submit all information and supporting documentation in English
  • Answer each field in full. Do not refer to attached documentation
  • Attach documents to your application in the correct format. The Department cannot access documents stored on cloud-based platforms such as OneDrive or Google drive
  • The terms ‘EOI candidate’ and ‘you’ refer to the individual expressing an interest in the Global Talent Program unless specified otherwise.