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Leaving Australia

Access your superannuation

You are likely to have some money in a superannuation fund if you worked in Australia and you are:

  • 18 years old or older
  • paid AUD450 or more before tax in a month

You can have your superannuation (super) paid to you after you leave if you:

  • have superannuation because you worked in Australia
  • no longer have an Australian visa
  • have left Australia
  • are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • are not a New Zealand citizen

Apply to access your super

Apply to access your superannuation using the Australian Tax Office's online system. If you can't use the online form, you can apply for access on paper.

Cancel your visa

If you have a valid temporary visa, you must cancel your visa to access your superannuation.

Wait until you have left Australia to cancel your visa. Once we have cancelled your visa, you will have to apply for and be granted a new visa to travel to Australia again.

You can cancel your visa:

Include the details of any family members also on the visa when you apply. Cancelling your visa will also cancel the visa of any family member linked to your visa.

Learn more about having your super paid to you after you leave.