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Entering Australia

What to expect at the border and what you can bring into the country

​When you enter Australia, you need to show us your travel documents or passport. Your visa is electronically attached to the passport you used on your visa application. Make sure you bring a current, valid passport or travel document and any expired passports or travel documents linked to your visa.

SmartGates automatically process you through passport control at the border. They use facial recognition technology and your ePassport to check your identity.

You will need to complete and show us your Incoming Passenger Card.

You may carry an unlimited amount of cash into Australia but if you are carrying AUD10,000 or more you must declare it .

Your bags will also be checked for prohibited or restricted items.

Departing from an international port to Australia

The Advance Passenger Processing system allows international airline crew to check your visa status before your flight to Australia. 

If you are certain that your visa is valid and they are unable to check your visa status, they should contact us to confirm your immigration status. 

You should not consent to being granted an Electronic Travel Authority or cancel your flight before this occurs and confirmation with us is finalized. 

Aviation and maritime crew entry

Aviation crew operating a commercial flight require a Crew Travel Authority or visa to enter Australia. The Crew Travel Authority allows international airline crew to be checked through the Advance Passenger Processing system before your flight to Australia. Learn more about the Crew Travel Authority.

Maritime crew require a visa to travel to and enter Australia. There are also procedures for your arrival into Australia seaports for maritime crew. Learn more about arriving in Australia as maritime crew.

Military personnel entry

Military personnel and Status of Forces Agreement civilians from other countries may be able to enter Australia on the Special Purpose visa. See more about bringing household effects, family members and weapons into Australia and find out about other military personnel entry requirements .