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Entering Australia

What to expect at the border and what you can bring into the country

Re-entry ban

Avoid a re-entry ban

We might apply a re-entry ban (exclusion period) if you:

  • don't comply with your visa conditions
  • don't leave Australia before your visa expires
  • don't maintain a valid visa while in Australia
  • don't comply with immigration law, or provide false information or documents to the Department

Make sure you know when your visa expires and what your visa conditions are. Check your visa expiry date and conditions in VEVO or your visa grant letter.

If we cancel your visa we will tell you what exclusion period we have applied to you.

Contact the staff at your nearest immigration office if you want to apply for a new visa outside Australia and you don't know whether we have applied an exclusion period.

Ask us to waive your re-entry ban (exclusion period)

For temporary visa applications

We will not remove a re-entry ban, but you can ask us to set it aside if you apply for a new temporary visa.

  1. Explain to us, in writing, why we should put the ban aside. You must show us that there are compassionate or compelling circumstances to put aside your re-entry ban and grant you the visa. If you can't, we will refuse your application.
  2. Submit your written explanation to us when you lodge your visa application. You can also submit it after you apply but before we make a decision.

You must still meet the visa's other eligibility criteria, including our health and character requirements.

For permanent visa applications

You can still apply for a permanent visa if you have been banned from re-entering Australia. We will consider your immigration history when we make a decision on your application.