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​Applying for a family visa

​​​​​​​We want to help you avoid making common mistakes that could delay your visa application. The tips on this website will help you to give us the information we need to make a decision about your visa. Remember to check all the details about how to apply for each visa type and eligibility criteria.

Family visas refer to Partner, Sponsored Parent (Temporary), Parent, Child and Other Family visas. You can find all the available family and partner visas on the visa list.

For help deciding what type of family visa is right for you, read more about visa options for joining family in Australia.

Your visa application will be processed faster if you make sure the information you have provided is correct and submit all required documents. You must provide a clear copy of the personal details page of your passport.

How to apply

Partner and the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa applications can be lodged online through ImmiAccount. Check your ImmiAccount regularly to see if you need to provide us with more information to process your application.

Parent, Child and Other Family visa applications must be lodged using the relevant paper form. You must pay the application fee and write the receipt number on your application form before you post your application. Check your email or consult your authorised representative regularly to ensure you or they respond to any Department requests for more information.

Keep contact details updated

Update any contact details or personal circumstances that have changed since you applied for your visa as soon as you can to avoid possible delays.

If you made an online application, you can update your contact details using ImmiAccount.

Contact details for paper applications can be u​​pdated using ​form 929.

Complete biometrics quickly

If you have been asked for biometric data, you need to provide this as soon as possible so your visa application is not delayed.

You may have to travel some distance to a nominated biometric collection centre. If you receive a request, start arranging to get your biometric data collected as soon you can.

For more information about where to organise biometric collection, visit meeting our requirements, Biometrics.​

Processing times

You can get an estimate on how long your Partner, Child or Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa application may take to process by using our visa processing times guide.

Read more about processing times and parent visa queue release dates.

Find more information about other ​family queue release dates and processing times.

Help with your visa application

If you need help with your visa application you can: 

You can find answers to commonly asked questions, make an enquiry or submit documents to the:

​A list of common questions and answers about Partner visas is available at Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). ​