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When you already have a visa

You want to withdraw a visa application

​​​​If we have not yet granted the visa

If you applied online, you can withdraw your visa application in ImmiAccount before we make a decision.

You cannot withdraw your application by removing the application.

To withdraw your application:

  • Log in to ImmiAccount
  • Select ‘view’ to open your application
  • Select ‘Update details’
  • Select ‘withdrawal of a visa application’

If you can’t see the link to the withdrawal of visa application form, complete Form 1446 Withdrawal of a visa application (338KB PDF). Attach the form to your application. If you applied on paper, email the completed form to the place processing your application.

Everyone in the application aged 18 or older must sign the form.

The application status in ImmiAccount will show as 'Finalised' once withdrawn.

Visa application charges and citizenship application fees are paid to assess your application. You can’t get a refund just because your application was withdrawn.

Form 1424 - Refund request (461KB PDF) lists the limited situations that refunds can be granted.

For more information, see ​Getting a refund

Withdrawing as a sponsor of a former partner or spouse

If your relationship ends, you can withdraw as the sponsor of their visa. Write us a letter that includes:

  • your full name and date of birth

  • transaction reference number (TRN) or file reference number (FRN) for the application

  • a statement that you withdraw sponsorship from the Partner visa application

Email the letter to the place processing your application.

Removing an online application from ImmiAccount does not withdraw it. You must tell us in writing that you no longer want to sponsor your former partner or spouse.

If we have granted the visa

You can't withdraw an application after we have granted the visa. All you can do is apply for a different visa.

Withdrawing as a sponsor of a former partner or spouse

If we have already granted a permanent partner visa, you can't withdraw as the sponsor of that visa.